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Welcome to the online home for custom drum and percussion tracks. All drum tracks and examples on this site were performed in the studio where your tracks will be recorded.

If you need a master quality acoustic drum track is your online destination. My name is Phil Smith and I’m a professional, full-time drummer in Atlanta, Ga. I’m one of the first online studio drummers and have been supplying drum tracks to clients on four continents since 1994. You can hear my drums in many different musical settings. I have provided drum and percussion tracks for major and independent label artists, singer/songwriters and producers. My drums can also be heard on a variety of radio, television, theatre and film soundtracks as well. In addition I am the exclusive provider of drum tracks for the online musical collaboration site

Your music deserves the signature sound that most of today’s recordings are sorely missing. Most of the current music you hear sounds very similar due to the fact that many musicians and producers use the same recording gear. That same gear often includes popular drum programming software or hardware. Why not elevate your production by using an acoustic drum track of the highest quality? This personalization of your music will set it apart from everything else that your listeners will hear. Plus the organic nature of collaborating with another musician will inspire you in ways that programming and digital editing will never do. It’s impossible to replicate the sound of an acoustic drum track with samples or electronic drum pads. They lack the “air” and warmth of acoustic instruments thus giving the music a totally different character.

When you hire me you’ll receive a great sounding, great feeling drum track at a reasonable price with quick turnaround. I use microphones and real, acoustic drums and cymbals to record all my sessions. Don’t be fooled by some of the other sites that charge a fraction of the price only to deliver quantized, edited, electronic drums played by a novice drummer. I fix those cheap backing tracks almost every week. Just try and talk to the actual drummer at those sites – you can’t! Web administrators, not the drummers working on your music, run those sites!

Now you can have the quality and control over your project without having to book studio time or contact engineers and musicians. Each drum track is customized for your music. My tracks are not pre-produced and do not come from an existing, stale library of loops. I’ll communicate directly with you about your song and create the perfect drum track for whatever style music you perform.

When your session starts I’ll record your drum tracks then send a stereo mix for your approval. You can ask for modifications and have me re-record or you can approve the track. Upon completion of your session you can expect about 12 individual, dry (unprocessed) audio files for you to mix at your discretion. Delivery of your drum track can be done online or burned on a CDR or DVD and mailed via the postal service, parcel service or courier service.

Feel free to look around and listen to the examples of what I’ve done for my clients. All drum tracks and examples on this site were performed in the studio where your tracks will be recorded. If you would like further details please go to my ‘how it works’ page. You can also check out what my clients are saying by visiting the ‘testimonials’ pages. If you would like to speak to me you can visit my ‘contact’ page or email me directly at

If you would like to go ahead and get started feel free to send your music mp3 to the email address above. I look forward to hearing from you and working on your music.


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