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Drums Last!?!? (part 2)

In the previous article we discussed how it's now more possible than ever to add live, acoustic drums to an already finished song. This article give details how many artists' and producers mix later recorded drum tracks into other finished instrumental, vocal and backing tracks.

Take advantage of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) features and learn how to loop and edit your drum tracks. One of the most common ways to make drum tracks fit is to take a different section of the drum groove (or possibly a fill) and edit it into the problem area. Remember, when you loop or edit drum tracks you need to cut and paste ALL of the drum tracks (including room mics, etc.) to achieve the desired effect and avoid flamming.

When using the cut and paste editing technique it’s good to have some “spare parts” lying around too. Many times I’ll record several different fills to use for “overdubbing”. With DAW editing the sky’s the limit so it’s better to have plenty to choose from than not enough to cover the job.

Another thing that DAW editing allows is unlimited tracks. The benefit of this is that duplicate tracks can be created allowing experimentation with edits, crossfades, effects and more.

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